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Information for Senior Members

Information for Senior Members

Civil Air Patrol Senior Members play a vital role in the summer encampment program.  While Summer Encampment is a Cadet-run activity, Seniors act as overall command and control, operational support, administration, and general supervisory roles.  Without a highly dedicated senior staff, encampments cannot take place.  The Illinois Wing is seeking volunteers in the following positions to support the operation of Summer Encampment:

Training Officers.

The training officer is the key "front line" role that senior members will serve in.  The duty day for senior members is from 0600-2100 each day of encampment, and are expected to be physically available to their assigned cadet flight throughout the entire duty day.  The TO's primary responsibility is the safety and welfare of the cadet student throughout the week. 

Administrative Officers

Admin Officers will oversee cadet attendance tracking via the CampDoc platform.  This will require training and mentoring cadet staff members in using the platform and tracking graduation requirements for all cadets assigned to student flights.  In addition, The Admin officers will assist the Deputy Commander for Base Operations with daily scheduling, delivery of Mail Call, expense reports, and other duties as assigned.  The general Duty day for Admin Officers is 0800-1930.  Certain tasks may require additional duty hours.

Health Services Officer

Illinois Wing Summer Encampment does provide at least one qualified Health Services officer.  The primary responsibility of an HSO is to report health-related issues to encampment staff and parents.  The Duty day for the HSO is 24 hrs per day during the encampment.  More information about HSO duties and limitations is pasted below from the CAPP 60-2 "Encampment Guide"

a. “Medical Officers.” CAP is not a health care provider, so having a physician or nurse, or other medical professionals on staff at the encampment are not required by CAP regulations. Even if an encampment is fortunate enough to have a medical professional in attendance, CAP’s policy is for health professionals to provide care only in emergencies, stabilizing the patient until private medical care or military care can be obtained (see CAPR 160-1, §6). In some states, a “camp nurse” statute affects encampments; consult the wing legal officer for guidance in those situations. b. Role of Health Services Officers. What Health Services Officers can do for encampments, besides providing emergency care, is to lend their expertise by advising commanders and participants on health, fitness, disease, and injury prevention topics. They are also authorized to provide training in CPR, first aid, and similar topics consistent with their professional competencies (see CAPR 160-1, §7). In these capacities, Health Services Officers should work closely with the encampment safety officer. c. Over-the-Counter Remedies. Non-prescription medications may be given to minor cadets as needed and according to package directions by CAP senior members if permission has been given in writing by the cadet’s parent or guardian (CAPF 163 is the tool for this purpose; also see CAPR 160-1, §4). d. Communicating with Parents. Per CAP policy, each encampment participant is responsible for administering his or her prescription medication. Cadets who are not mature enough to accept that responsibility should not attend the encampment. This requires encampment commanders and home unit commanders to communicate the medication policy to parents before they sign their cadet up for encampment

Other positions are needed.  Please visit the Senior Staff page under the "about" menu for a full list of open positions.


Senior members have two options for housing at MTC:

1: Barracks.

     Seniors may elect to stay in the same open-bay barracks as the cadets do.  If seniors elect this option, there is no cost to attend Summer Encampment.

2. Paid housing.

     Seniors may elect to request single-occupancy housing from MTC.  The cost for this type of housing is $25.00 per night and is paid directly to MTC upon check-in.  Additional information will be sent after registration.

Cadet Protection Training

Senior members who Participate in summer Encampment MUST have completed Basic CPPT.  We recommend all seniors complete Advanced CPPT.


The basic uniform for summer encampment is the ABU/ Utility uniform.  Unless you are a flight crew member who is performing flight crew duties at the encampment, Flight suites are not allowed. The corporate polo/ Slacks may be substituted if the member's primary responsibilities include office-related work. In addition, the USAF blues uniform (or corporate equivalent) will be required for the graduation ceremony.

Application Information

Interested Senior Members should fill out a preliminary application form at the link below.

Senior Member Applications

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