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Information for IL Wing Communications Academy


Illinois Wing Communications School is being offered. It is open to both Senior and Cadet members.

Communications Unit

We require at least six MRO-qualified members to assist in this year’s communications unit. The National Guard requires units using their training facilities to maintain contact with them using issued radios on their frequencies. Other responsibilities will include maintaining contact with all CAP units on base from 0600 until 2100 each day.

Training Unit

Members wishing to become qualified as MRO and be prepared for the many communications needs of CAP will follow the course of study and hands-on experience offered. At the end of the week, you will be tasked with all MRO requirements and receive sign-off as fully qualified.

Some of the subjects covered will be:

The Mission and responsibilities of Civil Air Patrol Communications

The Phonetic Alphabet, Prowords, Numerals, & Punctuation.

Basic RF Propagation

RF Exposure hazards

CAP Unique Operating Procedures

The basic operation of all CAP radio equipment.

Setting up Masts and antennas
Net operating procedures

Required documentation for stations and missions

Message Handling

Copying and writing Formal Messages

Tactical mission messages

Members that are already qualified as MRO will receive training on the following:

Advanced features of the basic CAP mobile and handheld radios

Set up the Tactical Repeater in ground and airborne configurations.

Set up and use the Rapid Deployment Pack  (Portable HF radio)

Those MROs completing this training will receive a Wing Certificate showing their skills and be included in a Wing listing of those trained in the deployment of this equipment.

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