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Information for CLASS (2nd-Year Cadets)

Cadre Leadership and Analytical Skills School

The purpose of the CLASS is threefold.

  1. The first mission is to increase the leadership potential of all participants to assist them in becoming future outstanding Encampment staff members and leaders in their home squadrons.
  2. The second mission is to develop a flight that is the standard bearer for the Encampment.
  3. The third mission is to prepare the advanced cadets to assist trainee flights requiring additional assistance.

Tasks for this flight are to master fundamental skills of drill and ceremonies, uniform wear, customs and courtesies, military bearing, and billet preparation.  CLASS cadets will receive in-depth leadership training as the focus of their preparation. They will become masters of Encampment tasks and be fully trained for an Encampment staff position next year. Additionally, it is another opportunity for leadership development that will improve their squadron.

Planned activities include*:

  • Cadets will rotate through element leader, flight sergeant, and flight commander positions daily
  • Time management and teamwork activities
  • Leadership classes
  • Daily inspections
  • Barracks procedures instruction
  • Supporting other trainee flights who need additional instruction and assistance
  • Inter-squadron sports events, drill competitions, leadership classes, and, of course, the Encampment graduation parade all add up to a week of continuous and interesting activities.
  • Orientation flights in CAP and/or military aircraft 

*These activities are subject to change based on weather, facilities, and instructor availability.

REQUIREMENTS:  Cadets applying for this school must be a C/SrA or above at the time of application and must have attended an ILWG Summer Encampment or a week-long Encampment equivalent with the approval of the Encampment commander.

  • All cadets who complete the CLASS curriculum in 2022, choose to apply for a cadet staff position at Summer Encampment 2023 and follow all published procedures for submitting their staff application will be GUARANTEED a cadet staff position in 2023.
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