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Summer Encampment Registrtion

Registration for the Illinois Wing Summer Encampment is now open! Please follow the instructions below closely to insure that your application is received and completed in a timely manner.


Step 1: After reading all of the below instructions, please click on the link provided below to register with our application software.  You will be redirected to a third party website called CampDoc.  Each member wishing to enroll in summer encampment will need their own login.  If you have used CampDoc for a previous cap activity or outside camp, some of your information will be saved.  However, each camp is different and you will need to fill out a questionnaire and authorize specific activities at encampment.  If you are a minor, please have your parents review the information and select the appropriate responses.


Step 2: Navigate to the registration section at the top of your CamDoc profile.  This is VERY IMPORTANT.  You MUST select only 1 session to attend while at encampment.  The sessions listed directly reflect your role at Summer Encampment.  If you are attending for the first time, your selections will be “first Year Student,”. If you wish to apply for CLASS or COMMS and have attended an encampment in the past, please select one of those sessions.  CampDoc provides trip insurance for your time at Summer Encampment.  This service is solely provided by CampDoc and is not endorsed by summer encampment or CAP.  Your enrollment in this program will have no bearing on your admission to Summer Encampment and is completely optional.


Step 3: Payment.  All payment will be made through CampDoc.  This will be required before cadets are able to fill out the questionnaire.  CampDoc accepts Credit cards or ACH.  All application processing fees are included in your listed tuition  If you applied for and received CEAP funding, please email Capt McDowell at and he will provide you with a coupon and setup your registration once you have created a campdoc profile.


Step 4: Complete all sections of the health profile including parental authorization.  If you are a minor, one of the authorizations will require you to print out the last page of the CAPF 60-81 and have it signed by your parent/ guardian and commander.  ONLY YOUR UNIT COMMANDER AND PARENTS/ GUARDIANS NEED TO SIGN THIS DOCUMENT.  If you are attending from outside the Illinois Wing, your Unit Commander MUST notify your wing commander of your attendance. Please have your profile ready to for your commander to review. Signed forms then should be uploaded back to your CampDoc profile.  


Step 5: You may choose to order custom labels for your belongings while at Encampment.  Again, this is a service provided by CampDoc and is completely optional.  


Step 6: Trusted contacts.  This is the bottom section of your CampDoc profile.  This is who will be dropping your off or picking you up from encampment.  You can fill out as many people as you would like in this section, however one of those people will need to be present during in-processing and out-processing.  If you are planning on using CAP provided transportation to or from encampment, please use the driver of the van taking you.  This does not need to be filled out until the start of encampment in case your plans change.  If you are driving yourself to MTC, please enter your own information in the trusted contacts section.


Step 7: Return to the home page of your CampDoc profile.  Just under your name, you will fins a button that says "Manage Users."  Please add the email address of your parent/ guardian or someone who can moniter the email address while you are at encampment.  Also, add the email address of your unit commander so that he or she can review your application before signing the CAPF 60-81.


Step 8: Profile Picture.  On your CampDoc home page, upload a picture of yourself so that we will recognize you on day one.  This can be a school picture or uploaded directly to campdoc from a smartphone or tablet.  It does NOT need to be in uniform.

Once all of your information is filled completed, you will receive an email from CampDoc stating that you have been accepted to Summer Encampment with an attached packing list.  Please make sure you regularly check the email that you used for registration, as this will be the primary contact method we will use for any follow up questions.  




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