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Illinois Wing Civil Air Patrol has been conducting Summer Encampments for many years in many different locations. We each have a favorite location that embodies encampment for us, and we are fortunate to find new and exciting opportunities at each location. Some locations have better food, some have better lodging, and some have better scenery. But they all have one thing in common: a great summer encampment experience!

During the week-long Illinois Wing Civil Air Patrol Summer Encampment, cadets will receive an introduction to the military cadets will attend classes covering topics such as the U.S. Air Force structure and mission, aerospace power and heritage; CAP emergency services, aerospace education, and the cadet program; plus aerospace career opportunities and requirements. Cadets will participate in drill and ceremonies and physical fitness activities daily. Orientation flights in gliders and powered aircraft allow cadets to experience flying firsthand.

Throughout all activities, cadets apply knowledge gained in the cadet and senior programs to practical situations, develop a greater understanding of CAP and Air Force missions and capabilities, develop their leadership potential, enhance their interpersonal skills, develop time-management skills, develop a spirit of teamwork, inspire a sense of discipline and learn how to overcome challenges and succeed. In addition, the values of discipline, teamwork, personal responsibility, sportsmanship, confidence, and respect are taught and encouraged.

An encampment can be the most significant and worthwhile training experience of a CAP cadet’s membership. Training is what the encampment is all about. To achieve the overall goals, a positive attitude is essential. Each staff member must learn as much as possible to be able to offer the highest quality training to others. The staff must always remember their first duty is to the members of the basic flight.

Encampment attendance aids in the retention and motivation of attendees. Cadets who attend enhance their local unit’s Cadet Program by applying their knowledge gained at the encampment.

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